What to Wear to Your First Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Class

With so many stand up paddleboard yoga photos online featuring super fit, flexible yoginis striking downward facing dog in skimpy bikinis with tight cores, it’s really a reasonable question to wonder what to wear to that first stand up paddleboard (SUP) yoga class. Stand up paddleboard (SUP) yoga is supposed to be an awesome way to practice yoga for everyone–everybody–including beginners, but those photos have a clever way of casting self-doubt and causing fashion anxiety before even getting a knee up on a board.

But before losing sight of your breath, think back to why you’re trying stand up paddleboard yoga in the first place. Yoga isn’t supposed to be a fashion or fitness contest on the mat, and it isn’t supposed to be one on the water either.

So what to wear?

Think location. Think air and water temperature. Though you may hope you’ll stick on your board the whole time, there’s a chance you might get a little wet, if only to wade out in knee deep water before getting on your board. In cooler climates and in cooler water, a swim suit covered with a long-sleeved rash guard might do the trick. Others might prefer board shorts or synthetic, quick drying bottoms–even a shorty (or farmer john or jane) wetsuit. In warmer locations, a swim suit alone may suffice. A synthetic, quick drying tank, t-shirt or short-sleeved rash guard can provide a bit more modesty or sun protection for those seeking something more than a swim suit. Cotton-free yoga capris are also a fast dry bottoms option.

Just like in an indoors yoga class, you want your clothing to feel comfortable, so you can spend your practice focused on your inner being, rather than distracted by what’s itching, chaffing, riding or rolling up on the outside.


Happy balancing. Happy staying afloat!

Have a favorite SUP Yoga outfit or clothing combination that makes stand up paddleboard yoga comfortable? Share it!

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