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Let’s uncomplicate...

How to Get UNStuck + Live Your Truth

The Business of Yoga Stripped Down

Building + Growing a Yoga Business Made Simple

Yoga Mat Pose

Yoga teachers + Entrepreneurs, Achieve Your Business dream

If your dream is to have a successful yoga teaching career, teach online, or grow your yoga business so you have work-life flexibility, you need resources and tools.

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Growing a Wildly Successful Yoga Business Goes

Beyond Asanas

Yoga Business Mom
marseille yoga
yoga trevor hall sweatshirt
yoga business beach

social Media Strategy

learn how to grow your business through social media + online content

Revenue Streams

discover how to maximize your income through multiple streams of revenue

Yoga Biz Education

learn how to attract students + clients, and grow a sustainable community

What is Your WHY?

Here's Mine

I am passionate about helping yoga teachers + entrepreneurs get unstuck, find meaning + grow sustainable, profitable online businesses that allow them to do more of what they love on and off the yoga mat.
Jules @NakedEarthYoga

learn how to:

learn how to leverage social media + online platforms to grow your biz

make digital marketing work for you more easily + efficiently to get results

design a strategy that allows you to attract the right clients from the start

learn to lead, strategize + make better, effective business decisions

technology for yogis

technology Simplified

teaching yoga was supposed to be a way to let go, but now, more than ever, you need to be connected to grow a successful yoga business. discover how to leverage technology without selling your soul.


Social Media Strategy

learn how to drive engagement, get noticed online + get results for your business from social media without wasting your time mindlessly scrolling or aimlessly seeking followers.

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