Grow a Yoga Business

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Do you want to Grow Your Yoga Business?

Hey, I’m Jules. I’m determined to help you make your business wildly successful. Are you ready to grow?

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Who is Jules?

She’s a business technology lawyer by training and experience, an experienced teacher, and yogini. She is also an author, writer, blogger, and entrepreneur, who splits her life between two continents. She is passionate about innovative and outside the box thinking to make ideas and dreams come to life. Jules believes in designing your own life, so you have flexibility to live your life on your own terms. She is an example of someone who lives, breathes, and walks the lifestyle she believes in.

Are you Ready to Grow A Yoga Business?

Start learning about marketing and how to grow your business.

Step #1

Build your website and online presence.

step #2

If you don’t already have a niche, find one.

Step #3

Improve your biz marketing knowledge.

Step #4

Join the Yoga Business Incubator