Work with Me

Hey, I’m Jules. Yoga teacher. Biz mentor. Entrepreneur.

I can help take you from yoga business idea to filling your classes.

Not sure where to begin in creating your yoga business?

Dreaming about becoming a yoga teacher and starting a yoga biz, but don’t know whether it’s worth the investment? Think you need or want yoga business coaching or mentorship?

Feel stuck and just need to bounce around some ideas with someone?

Let me help you with.

My yoga business mentoring services can help you figure out what you want to do, where you want to go, and how to do it.


Yoga Business Coaching + mentorship

I can help you:

  • Get Unstuck with your business
  • Identify your WHY
  • Brainstorm Business Ideas
  • Help you discover your purpose
  • Discover your yoga niche
  • Create a business that is meaningful
  • Strategize + Set Goals
  • Plan a business growth strategy
  • Develop marketing strategy
  • Help navigate social media
  • Discover tips + tricks for elevating your social media presence
  • Plan a yoga blog + yoga content creation mapping
  • Unlock mindset barriers to business success and growth
  • Find your voice that says I can do this + make my dream happen

how it works:

  • One-on-one Business Mentorship
  • Online Classes
  • Access to Fresh Inspired Content via My Teaching Site
  • Plus you still have access to all of my FREE blog and social media content

To learn more about my yoga business coaching, to get started with your yoga start-up launched or bring it to wild success, contact me through the contact page here or DM me in IG.

And to learn more about Naked Earth Yoga + Jules, read the about page.