common fears stopping you from teaching yoga or starting a business

7 Common Fears Stopping You From Teaching Yoga

Common Fears Stopping YOU – Teaching Yoga

Are your fears stopping you from teaching yoga or launching your yoga business? Or holding you back from growing your yoga business, finding that dreamy yoga studio space, or branching out?

If yes, you’re not alone! Fear stops a lot of dreamers, entrepreneurs, and yogapreneurs from chasing after their dreams.

But you don’t have to let those fears get in the way.

afraid to teach yoga and fears stopping you

You can plow through them.

Getting to where you want to be can be fast forwarded by identifying those fears. Acknowledging the fears that hold you back from getting results. And moving through fears and thought patterns that stop you to achieve yoga teaching success. And yoga business success.

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Discover if fear is holding you back from teaching yoga, starting your yoga business or getting a yoga instructor certification

Are you standing in your own way of your dreams? It’s common for new yoga teachers and recent YTT (yoga teacher training) graduates to feel reluctant or nervous about teaching yoga classes.

These are potential signs that you are holding yourself back:

  • Self-Doubt
  • Constantly comparing yourself to others (and to others’ successes)
  • Scrolling on Instagram and thinking, “that could never be me,” when you see others doing what you want to do
  • Fear of uncertainty or the unknown
  • Anxiety when you think about your yoga business or yoga teaching goals
  • Fear of failure

Are these 7 Common Fears Sopping You From Teaching Yoga?

1. You Are afraid you don’t know enough

fears stopping you from teaching yoga, you are afraid you don't know enough about teaching yoga

2. You are Afraid You’ll Mess Up in Front of Students

fears stopping you from teaching yoga, you're afraid you'll mess up or make a mistake in class

3. You Are Afraid You Won’t Remember Or Know the Name of A Posture

fears stopping you, you're afraid you won't remember a posture

4. You’re Nervous to Talk in Front of a Class

fears holding you back, you're nervous to talk in front of a class

5. You’re Afraid You Aren’t Fit Enough or Good Enough at Yoga Yet

fears, you're afraid you're not fit enough to teach yoga

6. You’re Afraid You Won’t Remember a Class Sequence

fears stopping you from teaching yoga, you're afraid you won't remember a class sequence

7. You’re Afraid You Won’t Have Enough Students to Make Teaching Worthwhile

fears stopping you from teaching yoga, you're afraid you won't have enough students to make teaching worthwhile,

These are common fears that can stop yoga teachers from teaching or launching yoga businesses.

You bring a unique experience and background to the yoga mat.

If these fears resonate with you, you’re not alone. You can do this! Students are waiting to learn from YOU.

So, breathe deeply. And go chase your yoga dream.

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common fears stopping you from teaching yoga
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Drop a comment below. What fears are stopping you from teaching yoga? Or what fears got in the way of you launching your yoga business? What advice do you have for others who are just starting out?

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