7+ ways to make money as a yoga teacher in 2023

7 Ways to Make Money as a Yoga Teacher in 2023

Teaching yoga is a booming business. In 2023, you can make money as a yoga teacher. As in real, sustainable money that allows you to live and thrive.

How can you make money teaching yoga? Let’s cover 7 ways you make make money teaching yoga in the coming months and year. These ideas for making money can help you grow a successful and profitable yoga business.

So, whether you are thinking about launching a yoga start-up or already have an established yoga teaching business that needs a new spark or fresh infusion of cashflow, these money making ideas can help your biz flourish and thrive.

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How to Make Money as a Yoga Teacher in ’23

After you have your YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) Certificate, teaching yoga in a studio is only one way to make money as a yoga teacher. There’s so much you can do as a teacher to generate an income, even one that’s six-figures.

Here are 7 ways to make money this year

1. Teach one-on-ones

Not every yoga student wants to or can attend scheduled classes. Anyway, some students prefer a more personalized experience. Some even require it to work on specific issues related to them personally.

Offering one-on-one, private yoga classes is a great opportunity to make money as a yoga teacher. Private yoga classes can benefit students who seek yoga support and instruction in an individualized, trust building environment.

2. Teach Online

If you’re not already teaching online and you want to boost your income, definitely consider exploring your online teaching options. The silver lining to the pandemic is that students are more comfortable than ever with an online learning environment. Discover online teaching platforms in 10 Best Platforms for Teaching Yoga Online.

3. Become a Yoga Content Creator

Another way to make money as a yoga instructor is to become a content creator. What? Come again? A content creator is someone who makes educational or entertaining online material for an audience. Share your knowledge and passion. Yes, you can make money as a content creator who specializes in yoga!

So, why not put your yoga skills, training, and creativity to work and create content. For example, you could launch a YouTube video with classes or sample classes, a yoga podcast, a yoga TikTok, Instagram reels, or your own blog.

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user generated content earn more money as a yoga teacher

Shhh… I’ve got to tell you that there’s yet another way to make more money this year with your yoga as a content creator. It’s called user generated content. Basically, you get hired or contracted by a brand to produce real, “made at home” by real people content (vs. a professional team or agency), like reels for Instagram. You can read all about this in my post, Teachers Earn More Through User Generated Content.

4. Become an Ambassador or marketing affiliate

Reach out to businesses or companies that sell products that relate to your yoga business and see if you can promote their goods. For example, some companies have ambassador programs or referral programs, from which you earn money (typically a small percentage) when your clients or audience makes a sale based on your promotion.

For example, you might consider reaching out to yoga clothing wear companies or companies selling yoga products that you use and love. As a further example, Yoga Alliance members are eligible to become PrAna Ambassadors. There are other programs, too, such as ALO Yoga. Accordingly, you might find it possible to take advantage of that company’s referral program when you wear and promote their clothing and generate income from sales.

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5. Create a Yoga Transformation Membership package

Another possible way to make a sustainable income next year is to create a transformational yoga experience for clients who are looking for something more beyond simply attending classes. For example, you might create an online portal that gives clients access to special access to exclusive yoga resources, like special classes, zoom meet-ups, healthy-living meal ideas, etc.

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6. Get Published

Writing your own book, e-book, or pitching publications seeking freelance work are other ways you can make money as a yoga teacher. If you enjoy writing or talking about yoga, why not put your words and knowledge to work by bringing in extra revenue?

Publishing books are one of my income streams. Speaking of which, have you checked out my awesome book that can help you transform your life this year (and your yoga students’ lives), 108 F*cking Affirmations: F-Words to Get You Closer to Living Your Truth?

7. Design & Sell a Yoga Product

Another way to make money as a yoga instructor next year is to sell a yoga product. You could design and sell your own yoga product. You could also discover opportunities to dropship yoga products or learn Secrets to selling on Amazon.

Other Ideas for Making Money in 2023

* MLMs (Multi-Level Marketing). Some yoga teachers and fitness pros enjoy generating income from MLMs. Think, for example, DoTerra or other essential oil companies, Mary Kay or Team BeachBody. If you’re on Instagram, there’s no shortage of Influencers who have or promote MLM businesses. This income stream, however, is not without controversy. Some think they are pyramid schemes. Others disagree, and claim the big names are legit income sources.

* Yoga Coaching. The coaching business is HUGE in the fitness industry. Coaching in the yoga sphere is no exception. Yoga coaching, particularly in a niche, could help you supplement your income or become the main staple.

*Workshops and Retreats. Make this the year that you plan a cool workshop or retreat. Yoga themed workshops and retreats are a great way to boost your annual income.

Set a High Bar

Whatever you do, don’t shy away from setting big goals for earning income from your yoga next year. Set them, be strategic, and work toward them! The effort will pay off.

Want to up your game and take your yoga business to the next level? Be sure to read How to Build a Six-Figure Yoga Business.

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