benefits of practicing naked yoga

What are the Benefits of Naked Yoga?

People sometimes assume that because my business name Naked Earth Yoga includes the words naked and yoga, that I must teach yoga classes without clothing. This is simply not true. In all of my yoga classes students (and teachers) wear clothes. However, there are benefits of naked yoga.

And nude yoga is definitely a thing.

Classes exist. I just don’t teach them. So, really, there is no point in DM’ing inquiries. Sometimes the number of inquiries on point still surprises me.

With this assumption and my answer (yes, you need to wear yoga pants, shorts, or some sort of body covering) sometimes there remains curiosity about the benefits of yoga without clothing. Accordingly, I’m going to write down some of these benefits. At the very least, I can just forward the link to this article when people ask. Which they do.

The Benefits of Naked Yoga

Whether in the comfort of their own homes or in clothing optional classes, some find that there are benefits to practicing yoga without clothes. It’s important to practice yoga in a way that works for you. After all, there’s no point in practicing yoga if it ruins your life.

Some of the benefits include:

1. Mind/Body Connection and Increased self-awareness.

Practicing yoga without clothes (or with less clothing) can help you tune into your body more. It can help you notice your movements, postures, alignment, and breathing. For some, they may feel more connected with themselves, as well as more sensual and mindful.

2. Greater Self-Confidence.

Practicing yoga without clothing might allow you to feel more comfortable in your own skin, which you can potentially take with you off the mat–and when you’re fully clothed again.

3. Deeper Spiritual Yoga Practice.

Practicing yoga without clothes might allow you to focus more on the spiritual aspect of your yoga practice, if that is part of why you practice yoga. Note: for some, practicing yoga is a physical practice only, such as in fitness yoga classes at a gym, and they do not practice seeking any spiritual connection.

4. Greater Connection with the Surrounding Environment or Nature.

For some, practicing nude yoga might allow them to feel more connected with their environment, particularly if that environment involves nature or elements of the outdoor world.

5. Improved Intimacy and Comfort with Being Vulnerable.

Practicing yoga without clothing might help improve intimacy, including emotional and physical intimacy, and comfort with being vulnerable in relationships and meaningfully connecting with partners.

6. Feeling Alive.

Practicing nude yoga has the potential to help contribute to feeling alive and energized, self-empowerment, and receptiveness to new experiences. Engaging in yoga practice without clothing is one way to step out of the comfort zone and one of the key benefits of naked yoga. It is outside of the comfort zone where meaningful personal growth happens.

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