why you don't need thousands of followers on Instagram

Why YOU Don’t Need Thousands of Followers on IG to Grow Your Yoga Business

Sure, you want ’em, but you don’t need thousands of followers on Instagram to grow your yoga business.

Let me say it another way. You don’t need thousands or MILLIONS of followers on Instagram or other social media platforms to grow a wildly successful yoga business.

Breathe a sign of relief. That’s good news, right?

Is Bigger Better when it comes to Instagram Followers?

Is bigger better?

Well, that depends. But probably not. And here’s why.

Consider Your Goals

If your goal is business growth, think quality over quantity.

Ultimately, it’s who follows you that matters. For example, people who love what you do, people who take interest in what you’re pitching, your ideal clients, your advocates, your genuine supporters, and your fans.

The Right Followers Can Help You Grow Better, Faster

The type of followers you have matter. And guess what? Having the right followers can actually help you grow your instagram and business with greater success.

Attracting the right followers, who engage with your meaningful content, can actually help you build your brand and get noticed by ever-changing algorithms, mega influencers, brands, students, and prospective clients.

If you’re a yoga teacher hoping to grow your yoga biz through social media, having the right followers is key.

Bigger Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Better

Without a doubt, a big follower count on Instagram can look OM-Mazing! A big number is an attention grabber for sure.

However, big numbers don’t necessarily mean better if your followers don’t engage with your content–or if they don’t sign up for your classes, buy your products or services, or take interest in what you do.

If you want to grow your yoga brand or business through IG, or any other social media platform, like Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, or Facebook, having an engaged following who takes interest in your content is what ultimately counts.

After all, having lots of followers doesn’t mean much for your biz growth, if anything at all, if they are just static, disinterested, unengaged numbers.

Instagram Strategy for Yoga Businesses, teachers

Does this all mean you shouldn’t aim for followers on Instagram? Of course not.

You want followers. You probably even want to amass a big time following. BUT, the caveat is you want the right followers.

Make no mistake, you don’t need thousands of IG followers to thrive and succeed as a yoga teacher or yoga business. Sure, the more followers the merrier. The better your reach.

But it’s critical that your social media and instagram strategy focuses on attracting the right or ideal students and clients to your IG page. Ideally, in time, you’ll build trust with the right followers. They’ll grow to love your content, your brand, and what you do. And hopefully, they’ll turn to you when it’s time for them to buy the type of yoga services, products, or offerings you’re selling.

IG Strategy

To help you with your Instagram strategy, be sure to grab my free Instagram Content Planner, which helps you batch create content so you save time on social!

why you don't need thousands of followers instagram business

So, go after it. Be strategic. Manifest business savvy and be smart with your time. Grow your Instagram and social media following, and grow your yoga biz!

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