Instagram Yoga Poll Questions [2023]

If you want to grow your Instagram in 2023, keeping your followers engaged and interested in your content is critical. Using interactive instagram polls on your story can help you increase engagement.

If you’re looking for yoga poll ideas, here are some awesome ideas for your Instagram.

What is an Instagram Story Poll?

An Instagram Story poll is an interactive feature that can increase engagement on your account. Using a story can help you grow your Instagram, help with brand awareness and marketing, and help you better understand your audience through analytics analysis.

Instagram polls can be a fun and useful way to get to know your followers better.

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15+ Poll Questions To Ask Your Yoga Followers On Instagram

This or That Polls

One popular type of poll that can help you grow your yoga brand on Instagram is using this or that polls. Here are some examples:

* Full or 7/8 yoga pants vs. yoga capris

* Favorite yoga prop: yoga wheel vs. yoga strap

* Zoom yoga vs. in-person, live yoga

* Wood floor vs. carpet under your yoga mat

Poll Instagram Sticker Question

Another poll is using the Instagram sticker for Yes or No questions.

* Did you practice yoga today?

* Do you own more than one yoga mat?

* Did you meditate today?

* Do you wear yoga socks?

* Smartphones for selfies during yoga classes?

* Do you abstain from yoga practice during your period?

* Would you attend a naked yoga class?

* Do you practice yoga in the morning?

* Have you ever tried an aerial yoga class?

* Do you listen to music while you practice yoga?

* Will you practice yoga more this week than last week?

* Do you clean your yoga mat after each use?

* Does your partner practice yoga with you?

* Do you practice yoga outside?

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