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10 Top Holiday Gifts for Yoga Lovers [2023]

Forget about skimming through a massive list for Christmas gift ideas for your favorite yogi. This short and sweet Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Yoga Lovers list is really all you need this season. You’ll have your holiday shopping done in no time.

These gift ideas are perfect for beginner yoga students, for experienced yogis, or for yoga pros. Be sure to bookmark this page because this list is also helpful beyond the holidays, such as for birthdays and yoga teacher training graduation gift ideas.

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Okay, are you ready to start shopping now?

Yeah, I thought so.

Let’s go.

10 Amazing Gifts for the Yoga Lover in Your Life

Here is the short and sweet best gift compilation for anyone who loves yoga.

1. Manduka Pro Mat

If you follow my Naked Earth Yoga Blog you probably already know that I’m a huge fan of Manduka mats. My Manduka Pro Mat is my favorite yoga mat ever, and it has lasted for years. Definitely one of my best yoga gear investments to date.

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2. 108 F*Cking Affirmations: F-Words to Guide You Closer to Living Your Truth

This super fun little affirmation book is perfect for someone new to meditation, affirmation practice, or mantras. Would make a great little stocking stuffer for anyone who wants to improve their mindset or get their self-love zen on.

3. Manduka Yoga Strap

A yoga strap makes an awesome gift for any yoga. They come in different colors and lengths (and there are many brands to choose from), which can spice up a yoga practice.

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4. Teaching Yoga: Beyond the Poses

A book for the aspiring yoga teacher, new teacher, or experienced teaching looking to infuse classes with new inspiration.

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5. Magic Circle Yoga + Pilates Ring

This is a trending craze! I have yet to personally try this magic circle, but I admit, I’ve been sucked into one too many Instagram reels watching yoga and pilates teachers use one. This might be the perfect gift for the yogi who already has everything.

6. A Yoga Wheel

I’ve gotta admit. I was a bit skeptical about the yoga wheel when I first got one. However, believe it or not, after my yoga mat, it’s often the second yoga prop I reach for when I practice. I love me an OM-Mazing wheel stretch!

7. Yoga Mat Wall Rack

Yoga gear and mats can quickly take over your space. This handy yoga gear rack can keep your yoga stuff neatly contained and organized.

8. Seated Meditation Pillow

A meditation pillow would make a great gift for a yoga lover. A meditation pillow is one of those yoga practice items that might not be the first thing that a beginner or experienced practitioner would spend money on right away, which means it could be well-received as a really special and unique yoga gift.

9. Yoga Practice Cards

Yoga practice cards are a creative tool to help practice yoga and design yoga sequences. A cool gift for any yogi.

10. The Yoga Sutras

As a reminder that yoga is much more than the physical practice of yoga, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras can help shed light on yoga teachings and yoga philosophy.

I hope you found this holiday gifts for yoga lovers list helpful.

I wish you a wonderful and peaceful holiday.


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