what is slow fashion

What is Slow Fashion?

What is slow fashion?

Slow fashion is a movement. It’s an approach to fashion. It’s an awareness and mindset.

Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. It’s the slowing down of the fashion world to embrace a more eco-conscious and sustainable approach to sourcing and producing clothes. This approach rejects industry practices that are at odds with environmental sustainability.


characteristics of slow fashion

Slow fashion clothing is usually locally sourced. It’s also typically produced and sold in small batches, in order to avoid an excess or unsold inventory.

Additionally, slow fashion is commonly made from quality, sustainable, or recycled materials. These brands aim to sell their clothing locally. Or they aim to sell their products in small brick and mortar shops or online boutique enterprises. This is in contrast to fast fashion where clothing is mass-produced and sold in large chain stores.

Think quality vs. quantity. That’s slow fashion.

slow fashion

why slow fashion matters

Slow fashion matters because it reduces waste. It produces a smaller environmental footprint. Textile waste seriously impacts the environment. Slow fashion acts as a counterbalance.

Additionally, slow fashion is often more ethical than traditional textile production. For example, materials are increasingly fair trade sourced. And slow fashion brands seek clothing production and assembly worker conditions that have better working conditions.

Slow Fashion Yoga Brands & Sportswear

The number of slow fashion yoga brands and sportswear companies continues to grow. Examples of brands include:


Nature Hommage.

A sustainable activewear company based in Europe that produces sportswear and yoga clothing from recycled fish nets and nylon waste.


Gaiter Pods France.

A boutique sportswear company based in France that produces trail running and fitness wear from ocean plastics waste.



A leader in sustainable and ethical clothing, yoga wear, and casual yoga wear.


People Tree.

Produces sportswear and yoga clothing which is made by fair trade artisans.


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