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Do Yoga Teachers Need Business Cards? [2023]

With smartphones and social media, do yoga teachers even need business cards? Are business cards still relevant in 2022?

Do business cards have marketing value or are they an unnecessary marketing expense? Plus, there’s that environmental impact consideration, too.

Though you might think yoga business cards would be obsolete now, or at least heading in that direction, some business card companies say that’s far from true.

Read on to learn why you need business cards as a yoga teacher. Plus, learn what you should put on them and how to use them to promote your yoga business.

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Business Cards Remain a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

When it comes to marketing dollars, business cards remain an affordable marketing tool. Yes, even in 2022.

It’s easy enough to get your hands on inexpensive or cheap business cards, especially if you’re on a budget.

Benefits of Having a Yoga Business Card

Here are some of the advantages of having business cards:

  • Look more professional
  • Positive impact + look organized and prepared
  • Makes it easier for someone to connect with you
  • Help you market and grow your yoga business
  • Easy to distribute
  • You can match them with your yoga business branding (e.g., colors, design) to create a unified marketing aesthetic

Consider Adding a QR Code on Your Business Card

A QR code (short for quick response) is one of those funky barcodes that contains information, such as a website link. Using your phone, you can scan a QR code and pop up embedded linked content.

So, as a yoga teacher, one idea might be to have a business card that features a QR code that pops up your Instagram or website on your prospective client’s or student’s phone when scanned.

QR code for naked earth yoga business of yoga blog
QR Code for My Business of Yoga Website + Yoga Biz Blog

Avoid Common Business Card Mistakes

If you choose to buy business cards for your yoga business, be sure to avoid these common mistakes

✅Double and triple check spelling, numbers, and layout

✅Confirm that you’ve included critical contact details, like your phone number or website, and any social media details, like where to find you on Instagram

✅Use high-quality paper (if you’re eco-conscious, opt for recycled paper)

✅Ensure the font size is legible and the information is easy to read

✅Don’t overwhelm the reader; keep it simple. Use a QR code if it helps to simply the presentation.

Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you. Do you think yoga teacher business cards are still relevant today? Do you like giving out business cards or receiving them?

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