What is a Yogapreneur?

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Yogapreneur defined?

What is the definition of a yogapreneur?

Let’s find out.

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Are you a yogapreneur?

This caption in the image below defines yogapreneur.

As you will see, I created this mock-dictionary definition for anyone who loves the business of yoga. And for anyone with a yoga dream. For example, it’s for yoga teachers, yoga entrepreneurs, yogipreneurs, and start-up business owners.

Yogapreneur Defined

If you’re dying to know what this yoga biz word means, here you go:

what is a yogapreneur? here's the definition of a yogapreneur. yogapreneur defined.

What is a Yogapreneur?

“Yogapreneur: A person with a passion for yoga who creates, builds, or operates a yoga business or yoga businesses, and dares to step out of their comfort zone to make their yoga business dreams happen.” – Naked Earth Yoga

Yogapreneurs can come in different forms.

They might look like:

  • yoga teachers
  • new yoga studio owners
  • yoga coaches
  • yoga studio consultant
  • new yoga instructors
  • yoga marketing experts
  • yoga business coach
  • retreat planner

Yogapreneurs vs. Yogipreneurs

Sometimes, you may see the word “yogipreneur” used interchangeably with yogapreneur. In my view, the idea is the same.

However, one of my social media followers notes an issue with using the word yogipreneur. Says she prefers not to use the word ‘yogipreneur’ because “yogi” implies a male. Instead, she uses the word ‘yoginipreneur.’

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Share Your Thoughts: What do you call yourself as a new yoga business owner? What do you think of this word to describe yoga entrepreneurs?

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