yoga podcasts for yoga teachers

10 Yoga Podcasts for Yoga Teachers

If you’re into yoga and podcasts, you’ve got to check out this fabulous list of yoga podcasts for yoga teachers.

Oh, and if you’re not a yoga teacher or instructor yet, no worries. You’re sure to find something to love in this list. If anything, these podcasts will probably convince you to take a yoga teacher training and become a yoga teacher in no time!

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Why Yoga Teachers Should Listen to Yoga Podcasts

I have to admit, I sometimes think I arrived a little late to the podcast game.

That is, if there is such a thing as being late. Honestly, I tend to think that we’re all probably perfectly on time for everything in life, even when it feels like we’re late to receive some new lesson or life experience. But, I digress. So, stop me right there!

Over the years, I’ve dabbled in listening to podcasts, but only recently have I fallen totally in love with listening to them.

I am head over heels for podcasts because I’ve discovered some voices, podcasts, and themes that really resonate with me.

Namely, yoga podcasts for teachers.

Plus, I love to download podcasts and listen to them when I’m traveling on planes or trains–or working out on the treadmill. And I definitely love to listen to yoga podcasts while I’m cooking.

10 Yoga Podcasts for Yoga Teachers

I love it when I don’t have to search for new podcast inspiration. Finding what I’m looking for in one place is efficient and saves mega time. So, I’ve compiled this list for you.

I hope this list is helpful, but above all, I hope it inspires you–and your yoga business growth.

Here are ten yoga podcasts that are definitely worth checking out:

1. The Yogipreneur: Business and Marketing for Yoga Teachers

This podcast hosted by Kelly McHugh, founder of the Digital Yoga Academy, offers biweekly yoga business + marketing episodes to help yoga teachers make their yoga businesses profitable.

2. Yoga Boss: Business Coaching for Yoga Teachers

This podcast hosted by Jackie Murphy offers weekly yoga industry advice for yoga teachers who want successful yoga careers.

3. Yoga Teacher Training Podcast: Learn Anatomy, Philosophy, Business and More

This podcast hosted by Jeremy Devens dives into yoga philosophy, history, meditation, sequencing, and more, including the episode How to Overcome Fear of Failure.

4. The Business of Teaching Yoga

This newer podcast by Cora Geroux is worth checking out if you are looking to learn more about finding freedom through your online yoga business, such as the episode How a YouTube Channel Can Create Opoprtunities and Serve Your Students.

5. Mastering the Business of Yoga

Hosted by Amanda Kingsmith, this semimonthly yoga business podcast offers episodes with tips for yoga teachers, such as When & How to Hire Freelancers in Your Yoga Business.

6. Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

Hosted by Mado Hesselink, this weekly podcast offers support and inspiration for yoga teachers, including teaching skills, philosophy, and ethical considerations.

7. Let’s Talk Yoga

Hosted by Arundhati Baitmangalkar, this biweekly yoga podcast features tips and advice for yoga teachers, including yoga philosophy. For example, one episode is 5 Ways to Verify the Credibility of Your Instagram-Famous Yoga Teacher.

8. Abundant Yoga Podcast

Hosted by Amy McDonald, this weekly podcasts helps yogis grow an abundant yoga business without feeling pushy when it comes to selling. For example, one episode is How to Monetise Your Yoga Class Recordings.

9. Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Wellness Professional

Hosted by Sara Intonato, this yoga podcast seeks to offer wellness professionals information and education that they don’t receive in their certification training programs. For example, one podcast theme is Your Fixation with Social Media Marketing is Costing You Money.

10. The Mindset Mile

Hosted by Aisha Zaza, this biweekly podcast will help you build better, healthier habits and mindset. The mindset episodes can be helpful for building happiness and success in life and in business.

Tips + Hacks to Grow Your Yoga Business

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