should you hire a yoga business coach

Should You Hire a Yoga Business Coach?

Wonder if you should hire a yoga business coach?

Coaches are popular right now. The Pandemic brought major business and personal shifts for many people, including yoga teachers and instructors. And many have looked to business coaches to get unstuck and find business clarity.

For example, many yoga teachers who closed local yoga studios and moved quickly to launch online yoga businesses discovered support and strategic guidance in hiring business coaches. Some looked to digital marketing coaches to help their grow their online presence or to develop a business growth strategy.

If you’re wondering if a yoga business coach could help you as you establish or level up your yoga business, keep reading here. This guide will walk you through the nuts and bolts of hiring a yoga business coach.

What’s a Yoga Business Coach

First off, let’s clarify what a yoga business coach is–and what a coach isn’t.

And, while we’re at it, let’s also explain how a yoga business coach is different than a mentor.

Business Coach vs. Mentor

In general, a business coach is an expert who helps entrepreneurs find clarity, build confidence, and achieve objective business goals. I like to think of a business coach as someone who can help you get unstuck, reduce stress and find bliss in running a yoga business.

There are many types of business coaches, with many having their own unique niches. For example, there are life coaches, sports coaches, marketing and branding coaches, yoga business coaches, etc.

A coach can help with specific business strategies, growth ideas, identify blind spots, and offer feedback that can help you get focused or out of a rut. A coach focuses on business. Typically, the business coach relationship is a paid one.

On the other hand, a business mentor is often an unpaid relationship. A mentor invests in your personal and professional development, like a guide or confidant. For example, a mentor might be your own yoga teacher and/or business acquaintance, who you meet with periodically over coffee or tea to discuss your professional and business growth–because they’ve been in your shoes before.

A Coach is Not a Therapist

Unlike a therapist, a business coach doesn’t try to cure mental health problems. That’s beyond a coach’s domain (unless, of course, the coach is also a licensed therapist, which some are and in such cases, the relationship is spelled out).

Who Needs a Yoga Business Coach

So, who exactly needs a business coach?

Potentially anyone can benefit from working with a business coach. This is especially true for new yoga teachers, business owners, or yoga studio owners who are looking for clarity, to get unstuck, find direction, develop greater business confidence or leadership skills, or map out business growth strategy.

Benefits of Hiring a Yoga Business Coach

What’s the point of a business coach?

Hiring a yoga business coach can help you find clarity with your business, keep you accountable and on track with your goals, and better position you to strategically lead with confidence. In addition, benefits of hiring a yoga business coach include:

✅ Define and set goals.

✅Business + Abundance Mindset.

✅ Get sh$t done – i.e. stay on track to accomplish your goals.

✅Make money faster – e.g., more effective strategy to better attract clients + yoga students.

✅ Honest, on-your-side brainstorming and dialogue to help you cut through problems + limiting perspectives.

✅Find greater happiness in work and life.

✅Develop or strengthen business leadership skills and business mindset, to help you think and take action like a CEO.

✅Gain valuable business and personal insight



Why Should You Invest in a Business Coach

Investing in a business coach offers many potential business and personal growth benefits. For some, having a coach offers immediate stress relief. Just the idea of knowing that someone is in your corner can take a serious load off your shoulders when you’re trying to figure out how to navigate a start-up business or grow an existing one.

In addition, investing in a coach may be more affordable and practical than you think. Think you don’t have time to meet with a coach? Think again. Many coaches work with clients online, via Zoom, Google Meet, or telephone. And the time you invest, usually pays for itself, as you discover strategies to think, work, and manage your business more efficiently and effectively.

Furthermore, as far as finances go, you might be able to claim business coaching services as a business deduction on your taxes (be sure to consult your tax professional to find out).



Tips on Finding a Yoga Business Coach

Each day, it seems more yoga coaches are popping up all over social media. So, it seems that there are no shortages of yoga business coaches out there.

However, the key is finding a yoga business coach who feels right for you. Ultimately, you want to find a coach with whom you can establish an honest, effective relationship that helps you gain valuable perspective and gives you constructive feedback.

Questions to Ask a Yoga Business Coach Before You Hire Them

Before you spend any money on a yoga coach, you might consider asking questions to ensure the coach will be a good fit with you and your personality. For example, you might ask:

  • What coach training or business qualifications do you have?
  • What types of clients do you currently work with–and what types of challenges do they face?
  • How long will this coaching relationship last?
  • How do you measure success as a coach?
  • What is the single most important thing you think I’ll get out of our coaching relationship?
  • Have you ever personally worked with a coach?

Tips for Hiring a Coach

  • Do your research. Make sure the coach you hire seems to know what they are talking about–that they get what coaching means.
  • Interview coaches. Don’t feel like you have to hire the first coach you come across. Make sure you feel like there is a connection.
  • Check the coach’s credibility. Does the coach have an online presence, social media portfolio, or client reviews? What does a Google Search reveal?
  • Think About What You Want. Approach a coach with an idea in mind of what you hope to gain from the relationship. It can be vague, but have some idea of why you are reaching out to the coach in the first place. What do you want to have at the end of the coaching relationship?

Can Working with a Coach Transform Your Yoga Business?


Whether you are starting your own business or want to start a business, looking to grow an existing yoga business, dreaming about become a yoga teacher, or expanding your online presence, yoga coaching can help you achieve your business goals.

Hopefully, even exceed them–beyond your wildest dreams.


Alternatives to Hiring A Yoga Coach or Online Yoga Coaching

While hiring a yoga biz coach or paying for online yoga coaching can be an invaluable tool to find clarity or harness a leadership and abundance mindset, there are alternatives. These alternatives may not replace the power or support of having a coach to help you with your business. However, they might help.

These resources include:

  • Taking yoga courses, like business for yoga classes online
  • Group mentoring or group coaching classes
  • Reading yoga business advice books (Check out my Best Books to Read for Starting + Growing a Yoga Business)
  • Subscribing to + reading yoga business blogs
  • Participating in one time support online yoga coaching call – to discuss a specific, limited issue
  • Joining yoga teacher communities


Drop a comment below. Do you work with a yoga coach? Do you think a yoga business coach could help you start your own business or grow it into a wildly successful business?

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  1. Thanks for mentioning that it’s important to ask if your coach has any formal certifications. I’ve been wanting to start a yoga business for over three years now. I think it’d be really fun to hire a business coach to help me get myself in line.

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