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How to Name Your Yoga Class So It’s a Sell-Out

Want to sell-out your yoga class? Of course you do, right? Then you’re going to have to name your yoga class with marketing in mind.

That is, unless you already have a proven yoga track record, an established yoga teacher reputation, and a booming studio. Or you’re already making a salary that satisfies you, perhaps like six-figures or more.

Whether you’re new to yoga teaching or looking to expand your yoga biz, naming your yoga class is important to success. After all, if a class name doesn’t stand out and grab attention, how will students notice it?

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What’s in a Yoga Class Name?

Naming your yoga class is sort of like naming a baby. Well, maybe not quite. But, you definitely want to be thoughtful about it.

A class name should be one you personally enjoy hearing. It should have a ring to it that leaves you feeling content–definitely not cringe worthy to your own ears.

If it helps, imagine the class name were to appear on the front cover of a popular newspaper or magazine publication. Would you say, “cool class!”

Or would you cringe slightly (or a lot) and think, “Eeek, who named that class?”

Why Does Marketing Matter?

You’re a yoga teacher. Your job is to create inspiring and motivating class sequences that keep students hungry for yoga, self-care, empowerment, and life. While you need to make money to survive and thrive, maybe you’re thinking at this point that you’re not in this business to sell.

I totally get it if you’re wondering where exactly marketing was listed in the job description. Or marketing creativity. Or selling classes.

But getting yoga students–that is, paying students who register for classes, is part of the yoga teacher package. Unless perhaps you work for a yoga studio that does all of the work. In which case, you probably just have to show up when a class is scheduled. Marketing those classes and promoting them is something that you likely have to do if you want to achieve business success.

Sort of just like how you also have to do self-promotion. Such as by promoting yourself and your yoga business on social media, like Instagram.

Considerations for Naming a Yoga Class

While you can certainly use a fun, random name generator to come up with a clever name for your yoga class, there are considerations you might want to consider in choosing a name. For example, you might want to think about:

  • the potential impact of your class name (will it turn off or turn away students)
  • your audience
  • the location of your class
  • the time of year (particularly if this is a seasonal class, like snowshoe yoga)
  • your personality
  • your yoga teaching style
  • the feeling or vibe the name gives off (e.g., fun, casual vs. formal, traditional)
  • is it already used elsewhere (if so, is it trademarked? do you need to obtain permission to use it?)
  • do you personally like the name?
  • have you asked others for naming feedback?
  • is the name memorable – that is, will it stick so people remember it?

Examples of Creative Yoga Class Names

There are so many creative and inspirational yoga class names out there. Over the years, just hearing a yoga class name or yoga workshop title alone has often made me want to take a particular class.

So, if you’re asking, what’s in a name? Quite possibly a lot.

Particularly since for many of your potential students, the class name is the first (and maybe the only thing) they will know about your class unless they dig deeper into it. For many potential students or prospective yoga clients, the name you give to your yoga class is the key to actually getting students in your door. The name is like the face of your class.

Sample Yoga Class Names I found Online

Here are some funky, cool, creative, and fun yoga class names I found online by doing a quick search. Some names on the list are also from memory–because the yoga classes were that impressionable.

  • Yoga for Runners
  • Yoga Over the Hill (40+)
  • Midlife Yoga
  • Bump & Grind
  • Fit & Fierce
  • Hip Hop Yoga
  • Rock & Roll Yoga
  • Yoga Shred

Where to launch your yoga classes so they Sell-Out

You might advertise and launch your yoga classes through class scheduling tools, software or programs. Or you might also try online platforms. Online platforms can help you take your sell-out class to the next level, reaching a much larger, worldwide audience.

Discover popular online teaching platforms for your classes in The Best Places to Teach Yoga Online.

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Got a cool class name to share? Drop it in the comments below.

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