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How Yoga Can Help You Get Rich

Yes, it’s true. Yoga can help you get rich.

If you want to build financial wealth, practicing yoga–at least practicing yoga principles–might help.

Of course, money probably isn’t going to fall out of your yoga tights while in handstand asana. However, as Kiplinger money guru, Kathleen Kenealy notes in Namaste Invested: Look to Yoga to Build Your Wealth, lessons learned from practicing yoga might add value to our financial lives.

For example, she notes that yoga practice teaches you to understand that sometimes you have to make adjustments (to feel more comfortable or grounded in your position) in certain yoga poses, but not to give up. This same principle can be applied to money management, such as during market volatility. In turbulent times or when stability seems lacking, you might adjust your investing strategy, savings, and spending, but you don’t give up on investing or saving.

Because just like in a difficult yoga posture, this, financial uneasiness, too, shall pass.

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But seriously… Can Yoga Make You Richer?

Practicing yoga can teach you so much about yourself. You can discover patterns that work or don’t work for you. As well, you can unearth truths that you haven’t wanted to face.

For example, you might discover from the simplicity of being and breathing on your mat that you don’t need as much “stuff” or “clutter” in your life to be happy. From this awareness, you might come to make better financial decisions. For example, you might spend less on material goods.

After all, some yogis really do discover that less is more when it comes to happiness and creating a life of bliss.

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Health is Wealth

Yoga practice can also help you see that health really is wealth. Regular yoga practice can help you deal with stress and anxiety, even stress that bubbles up whenever you think about finances, work, or money.

Yoga can also help you strip away things in life that don’t bring you joy or peace. And it can help you gravitate toward a more meaningful existence. This might include pushing you toward landing a more rewarding or satisfying job or career opportunity, which might yield better salary or wages.

And, what’s the point of banking tons of money if you can’t live long enough to enjoy or share it? Yoga can help you get richer in terms of personal health and well-being. Plus, yoga can help you adopt principles that are key toward building a money mindset, which ultimately can help you make more money and save more down the road.

A Yoga Career

Of course, yoga practice might also land you a yoga career as a teacher. Or a second act or career re-invention. Or maybe a lucrative side hustle.

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