how to leverage instagram's link sticker in stories

Instagram’s New Story LINK Sticker Replaces Link in Bio

I was psyched to discover that a “Link” sticker on Instagram is now available for all IG users. This is exciting news if you’re building Instagram to build your yoga business.

How Can You Leverage the IG “Link” Sticker?

The new link sticker that rolled out to everyone on Instagram can be accessed through the stickers collection that you find when you want to post a story.

This is what the link looks like (find it when you launch a new story):

link sticker on instagram

The link sticker replaces the need to write “Link in Bio” on your story posts. This may seem like a trivial new feature, however, it’s not.

And here’s why.

So, how you can leverage this new IG feature to boost your yoga business marketing efforts?

Benefits of the new Instagram Link Sticker:

  • No need to spend time timing out “link in bio” when you want to direct your followers to a site
  • Saves time on your marketing efforts
  • Allows you to send your audience directly to blog posts, stores, promotions, yoga class schedules, etc.
  • Ease of sharing content
  • Encourages engagement on your stories

What does this link feature sticker mean for yoga teachers?

As simple as a new tool like the link sticker seems on Instagram, it can mean big things for yoga teachers in terms of marketing. The link sticker is ultimately a marketing tool.

The more tools you have to market your yoga business, the better. Especially if they are easy to use tools like this sticker.


Because by using this sticker on your Instagram stories you can increase engagement.

For example, you can drive your audience and followers directly to specific website locations, such as to your weekly online yoga class schedule or to your yoga workshop or retreat registration page. Ultimately, this can help you get more yoga students and skyrocket your business growth.

should yoga teachers use bio link tools

Drop a comment below. I’d love to know what you think about Instagram for marketing and growing your yoga business. What works for you?

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