quick ways how to get more yoga students and money fast

Here’s a Quick Way to Get More Yoga Students fast

How do I get more yoga students fast?

So, you’ve just finished yoga teacher training. Now, you need a quick way to attract yoga students to your classes. Or a way to get more yoga students ASAP.

After all, the bills aren’t going to pay themselves.

And if you dream about living the yoga lifestyle full-time, you want action. You don’t want to put this yoga dream on hold any longer.

The equation is simple. Yoga students = More Money.

If you Google, “get more yoga students,” you’ll get about 192,000,000 results. That’s a lot of results to sift through when you want quick answers to making money fast from yoga teaching.

But don’t get stressed out. I’m going to help you find solutions.

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How to: Easy, Quick Ways to Get More Yoga Students Fast

In this post, I’ll give you tactics and strategies for getting more yoga students.

If you want more students fast, here are 7 quick ways to get more yoga students.

And guess, what?

Getting students is easier than you think. 😉

Follow these 7 tips and tricks to get more yoga students into your yoga classes:

1. Give Your Yoga Classes Catchy Names

2. Leverage Social Media

3. Tell Everyone You Know – Seriously, Everyone

4. Produce Online Content

5. Collaborate + Co-Teach

6. Connect with Your Existing Students or Yoga Teacher Network

7. Go Old-School: Paper Flyers

7 Ways to Get Students in Your Yoga Classes NOW

Are you ready to pack your classes?

Well, let’s get on it!

Here are those tactics and strategies.

1. Give Your Yoga Classes Catchy Names

If you want students fast, draw them in with classes that sound irresistible. Or class titles that at least tug at their curiosity or sense of adventure.

Sure, yoga may seem traditional, serious, and reflective at times. And students might expect traditional class names, like Vinyasa Flow. However, there are no yoga class naming conventions, rules, or limits on creativity.

A well-named class could attract students without little effort on your own part. For help with naming your yoga classes, be sure to bookmark this post on naming your classes so they are a surefire hit.

2. Leverage Social Media

If you’re not yet on at least one social network, you probably should be.

That is, if you at least want to attract yoga students fast.

Having social followers and likes on your network profile will help you get noticed by prospective students. In today’s world, chances are good that yoga students will also want to look you up online before signing up for a class. Lots of followers and a solid social media presence gives credibility.

3. Tell Everyone You Know – Seriously, Everyone

Practice that elevator pitch and tell everyone you know about your classes.

And, know your WHY rock solid. As in, why are you teaching? Why your class?

Yeah, I know, self-promotion and marketing is tough, especially when you’re new at it (or anxious), but have at it. It’s the ticket to get your classes filled ASAP.

People talk. They love to share social media posts and news. Leverage them to do your marketing for you.

4. Produce Online Content

Producing online content is a fantastic way to get your yoga classes noticed. For example, you might produce:

  • Blog posts, if you have a blog (if not, you seriously should consider one)
  • Instagram reels
  • TikToks
  • YouTube videos
  • Write articles or posts for other bloggers, Medium, or Elephant Journal
  • Pitch your writing to yoga magazines, publications, or local newspapers – to help establish your credibility as a yoga expert
  • Online classes – here are some awesome teaching platforms
  • Build an email list and send newsletters to your subscribers

5. Collaborate + Co-Teach

Collaboration rocks. Work with others to get your name out. For example, connect with other yoga teachers, organizations, or local hotspots to offer yoga classes or themed yoga classes.

Examples of yoga collaboration:

  • Co-teach classes, workshops, retreats
  • Collaborate with local studios, yoga teachers, fitness centers, community recreation programs or local businesses and offer classes
  • Co-write on other yoga teachers’ blogs, or contribute content to popular yoga resources, like yoga blogs

6. Connect with Your Existing Students or Yoga Teacher Network

Another way to get students fast is to connect with your existing students or yoga network. Spread the word about your classes by first telling your current students.

Creative ways to Tap into Your Existing Students or Yoga Teacher Network:

  • Join social media teaching networks, groups, or channels for Yoga Teachers, such as Facebook groups
  • Offer a bring a friend discount to existing students
  • Ask current students to write you testimonials about your classes and teaching. Use these testimonials on your marketing materials.
quick ways to attract yoga students to your classes and make money as a yoga teacher

7. Go Old-School: Paper Flyers

Take it old school.

Post yoga flyers in your local community. Yoga flyers advertising classes are popular on bulletin boards and on walls of local coffee shops, coffeehouses, libraries, grocery or food co-ops, community centers, etc.

Quality promotional materials, like posters or flyers with beautiful photographs and crisp, clear text, sell.

If you follow these tips, you WILL get yoga students. These hacks will help bring yoga students to you.

So start putting these tactics into action today. Build your classes. Grow your yoga business.

For more reading on making money fast, be sure to NEXT read this Guide to Making Money As a Yoga Teacher


It’s your turn.

Do you agree with this list?

Let us know in the comments below. 🙂

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