yoga teachers don't need to use bio link tools on social media

Why Yoga Teachers Don’t Need Bio Link Tools on Social Media

If you are a yoga teacher with a website or blog, here’s a little secret. You don’t need to use bio link tools on social media.

Huh? Come again? Link tools?

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What are bio link tools?

Confused? Yeah, it’s probably because you’ve only seen these tools as “,” “,” “,” or one of the dozens of other popular bio link tools.

These tools are designed for insertion into your social media bio, so you can link to multiple sites, links, or digital content. After all, Instagram currently only allows linking to one link in your bio profile. Only recently does Instagram allow accounts (regardless of follower count) to add a link in a story.

So, say, you want to link to your latest blog post, your Spotify channel, your YouTube channel, and your online yoga teacher schedule, you’re out of luck. Unless you have one of the trending bio link tools.

However, do you really need to use these link tools?

Do you need to use link tools in your social media profile?

Many link tools are free, or allow use with advertisements. So, why not use them, right? Especially if it means you can send your audience to your links.

Well, here’s the thing. When you send your audience and followers to first click on your bio link tool, you risk losing traffic. You risk losing views and visitors, which ultimately could convert to sales and revenue–or even affiliate earnings. Using bio links in your profile, such as linktree, actually means you could lose money.

People want content asap. They want to land where they want to go right away. They don’t want to have to click multiple pages to get to where they want to go. So, you risk losing people in the process.

More importantly, however, is that the benefit of traffic goes to your link tree tool, when it could be going directly to you.


Here’s how.

If you Have You’re Own Website or Blog, You Don’t Need to Use Link Tools

If you already have your own website or blog, you really don’t need to use anyone else’s free or paid link tools.

That’s because you can create your own landing page for all of your links on your site. You can then use that one link to insert into your social media bio, instead of a third party’s, such as linktree,, or The benefit, of course, is that all of the traffic generated when people click on your link benefits you!

It’s helpful to research the pros and cons of linking tools before you apply one to your social media profile.

Sure, it may seem cool or trendy to use link tools. That’s sort of the point, right? However, using one might not be in your best interest, financially or for directly growing your business.

should yoga teachers use bio link tools

Drop a comment below. Do you currently use link tools in your social media bio page? If so, does it work well for you? Have you considered the alternative of creating your own landing page for your links?

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