Get Unstuck and Motivated as a Yoga Teacher

After graduating from yoga teacher training, you felt motivated and psyched to start teaching yoga, right?

And then what happened?

Reality set in. You started overthinking what you know or don’t know. Maybe you started to feel judgy or overcritical about your body or your ability to crush certain yoga postures.

Or perhaps you started to compare yourself to your peers–or to other yoga teachers. Maybe the dreaded Imposter Syndrome reared its head.

And then as the fear kicked in, you started backing away from your yoga teacher dream. Slowly backing yourself up into a corner of stuckness.

Or perhaps you launched your yoga business and started teaching right away. It was only after hitting the ground running, perhaps a year or more later, that you started to feel burnout kick-in. Maybe you started to feel stuck then.

Whatever your circumstances, if you’re feeling like you need to get unstuck and get motivated to teach yoga or grow your yoga business, you’ve come exactly to the right spot. Read on for 5 ways to get unstuck and motivated in your yoga business.

how to get unstuck, find inspiration and get motivated to work on your yoga business or teach yoga

5 Ways to Get Unstuck and Motivated as a Yoga Teacher

Feeling stuck or lacking motivation or interest in running a business, including teaching yoga, is a common experience.

Rest assured you’re not the first (or only) yoga teacher out there who doesn’t occasionally feel less-than-thrilled about jumping onto the yoga mat.

The great news though is that if you understand why you might be stuck or lacking in motivation, there’s a good chance with a few tweaks and adjustments that you’ll be back in the game in no time.

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Here are 5 ways to find your motivation to teach yoga:

1. Remember your WHY.

Sometimes when we get off track it’s because we’ve temporarily misplaced or lost sight of our why. Take time to reflect on why you became a yoga teacher. Why did you decide to build your life and career around the business of yoga? Sometimes just remembering your why can help motivate you back to the mat.

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2. Find inspiration.

Sometimes all you need is a little dose of fresh inspiration to help you get unstuck, feel connected with your passion again, and get motivated to re-focus on your business. Inspiration might come from checking out Pinterest boards. It might also come from working with a business coach. It could also come from attending a retreat or taking time away from the yoga studio just for you.

3. Attend workshops.

Workshops can be a great way to help you get out of a rut and find new motivation. There’s nothing quite like surrounding yourself with like-minded people who get what you’re doing to help inspire you. Plus, learning about something new or up’ing your skill-set can help excite you about growing your business or taking it to a new level.

A yoga workshop could also help you reconnect with the joy of practicing yoga. Sometimes finding joy again in yoga practice is the key to finding overall motivation as a yoga teacher.

4. Think about your impact.

What you do as a yoga teacher is so important! You change lives every single time you teach. Your teaching helps others physically and also mentally–it’s often even totally transformative in others’ lives. Keep this perspective in mind!

If it helps, grab a journal and write down a plan. It might be drafting a new morning routine or re-writing (or writing for the first time) your personal business mission statement. Thinking about your impact in your profession and doing a little brainstorming on how you can re-energize your impact might help get you unstuck.

5. Dive into Self-Care.

When you’re feeling burnt out, it’s the time to prioritize self-care. This might mean getting more sleep, cancelling a yoga class so you can focus on you, going to the spa, or something more like taking a sabbatical. Importantly, if you feel like you’ve tried self-care and loved on yourself, but still feel stuck, it could be time to reach out to a professional. There’s no shame in asking for someone to listen to you and for their help.

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