Yoga for Men: How to Change Your Life with Yoga Workouts

Practicing yoga can boost your physical fitness, transform your mindset, self-confidence and relationships

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Live Your Best Life with Yoga

Hey men, if you want to live your best life, it’s time to start practicing yoga. Yoga isn’t just for women. Or for bendy bodies. It’s for everyone, including men. Yoga can change your life.

Through regular yoga practice and yoga workouts, you can boost your physical fitness, transform your mindset, build incredible self-confidence, and improve your relationships–especially the relationship you have with yourself.

What is Yoga for Men Called?

Yoga for men is called by a number of names, some of which are registered names. For example, yoga for males sometimes goes by names like, man flow yoga, Broga, and yoga for guys.

Why take yoga for men classes?

I previously wrote a yoga beginner’s guide for men, which you might find helpful in understanding why it’s incredibly valuable to start practicing yoga as a man. I also compiled this awesome list of helpful books for men who are new to yoga.

Benefits of Yoga

There are many benefits of yoga. Some of these yoga benefits include improving:

  • Flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, and overall physical fitness
  • Sleep
  • Sex + relationship communication
  • Stress levels
  • Mental clarity and wellbeing
  • Self-awareness, anger management, emotional regulation, and inner calm or peace

Feeling more comfortable in your own body, with your relationship with yourself, and others are understated benefits of yoga.

Where to find yoga for men classes?

You can find yoga for men series, yoga classes, workshops, and even men’s only yoga retreats. You can also start practicing yoga on your own, from your home, by watching yoga videos or for signing up for an online yoga program. Some of the best yoga videos come in the form of Instagram reels, like do this, not this videos.

While yoga courses still tend to be more often attended by women, more men are taking up the practice of yoga. Accordingly, more yoga for men offerings are popping up around the globe.

Many yoga teachers, yoga instructors, and yoga studios offer free yoga classes. If you do some research in your local community, you might also find a yoga instructor who offers a local yoga workout or yoga program exclusively for men. You can even find private yoga instructors who work one-on-one with yoga students.

You might also find paid yoga programs or schools designed just for men or specific to men, like man flow yoga workouts or Broga, or even yoga memberships or online communities with a male yoga members area.

The yoga workout

Keep in mind, there are different styles of yoga and classes, so if you are new to yoga, you may want to experiment and try different yoga courses or yoga instructors. For example, there are gentle yoga, flow yoga, and restorative yoga courses. There are also more intense power yoga, vinyasa flow, or hot yoga courses.

Ultimately, the best yoga happens when you show up your mat, whether it’s in a yoga studio, at the gym, or at home.

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Beyond the yoga mat: what equipment do you need to start practicing yoga?

If you want to start practicing yoga, all you need is some space and comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. A yoga mat is helpful, as well as yoga blocks or a yoga strap to help with flexibility. However, even this yoga gear is optional.

You can practice on a carpet, towel or folded blanket–or bare floor. As long as you feel comfortable, stable, and safe to do yoga poses on the surface below you and you have space to extend your body, you are probably ready to start practicing yoga.

No Cost to Low Cost Entry

In other words, there is little to no outlay of money if you want to start practicing yoga and no required yoga workout or equipment to begin creating your own yoga experience. You can even start to practice by watching yoga videos or YouTube classes.

Plus there are no required yoga workouts, mandatory routines, or way of practicing yoga that you must take in order to count a workout or practice as “practicing yoga.” Of course, you do need to learn proper technique for yoga poses, so you can ensure that your workout is safe.

The future of yoga for men

The yoga industry is poised for rapid growth. Not only will the industry likely see an overall demand for more yoga, but there will likely be an even greater interest in yoga as more men become more comfortable with the idea of practicing yoga for physical well-being and for mental health.

There will also likely be growth in the numbers of men working in the industry as yoga instructors and/or who attend yoga teacher training programs. As more men start practicing and doing workouts, it’s likely that more men will follow the lead.

Conclusion – Shift Your Male Mindset and Become the best YOU

If you haven’t started practicing, the time is now! Dare yourself to try a workout and discover a new sport (or passion)–or learn to meditate. The benefits and self-growth you may experience might well change your life.

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Thanks for reading! -jules ✨

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