discover an ideal yoga niche for your business that sets you apart from other yoga teachers, experts

Discover an Ideal Yoga Niche That Sets You Apart

How do you choose a yoga niche that fits your life?

That fits you?

That matches your lifestyle and passion. And earns enough to live out your dreams?

A niche that totally sets you on fire. One that makes it so you can’t wait to work on and grow your yoga business. Every. Single. Day.

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“What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”

-Erin Hanson

What’s a yoga niche?

First off, what’s a niche?

Well, think of a niche as a little corner or nook of yoga. YOUR corner, your nook.

You can’t serve everyone. You can’t meet everyone’s needs. And you definitely can’t be everything for everyone. Especially not at the same time. You’ll burn out FAST if you try.

A niche is a specialized or narrow area of business. It’s like teasing out a small area of yoga from the general yoga category that allows you to serve a specific audience. Ultimately, a niche allows you to hone in on what you do, what you love, and what you love immersing yourself in.

Examples might include: teaching yoga to rock climbers, teaching yoga to runners, or teaching corporate yoga classes.

Note: there’s a difference between a target market and a niche. Your niche is your specialized area of yoga business. Your target market is the group of people you serve with your niche.

Find Niche Markets

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Why Yoga Teachers Need a niche?

There are many benefits of creating a niche for your business. Yoga teachers who want to step up business growth, or build a long-term, sustainable business, typically discover the following benefits of niche creation.

Benefits of a Niche – Defining a niche CAN:

  • allow you to compete in an area where’s there’s less competition (vs. competing generically in the yoga industry)
  • add value to the yoga community
  • build trust with your students
  • set you apart from the competition
  • allow you to establish yourself as an expert – and to be viewed as an expert
  • help yoga students find you
  • help you find your IDEAL yoga students and target audience
  • will make your marketing efforts SOOOO much more efficient

Having a niche allows you to build a yoga business, including yoga classes, yoga workshops, online yoga education, and social media content, more easily. It also allows you to more easily reach your specific audience or ideal yoga students.

And ultimately, it allows you to focus your marketing strategy and efforts, so you are more efficient with the use of your precious time and life energy.

Niche Down, Right Down

Don’t be afraid to niche down specifically. Like really niche down.

It might feel scary or intimidating to narrow your yoga business or yoga classes to a narrow niche. You might wonder, are there really enough people out there who will be interested in my classes or business area?

Chances are good that there are people out there looking for exactly what you want.

Don’t fear narrowing your niche or niching down too small. You can always expand outwards. You can always modify your business strategy.

Is it Too Late to Create a Yoga Business Niche?

No way. There’s no such thing as being late too the game or too old for building or growing a yoga biz.

Are you ready to find or create your perfect yoga niche? If yes, get your hands on my free niche guide. The guide will give you 50+ niches that will help you jumpstart your yoga business now. These ideas will get the creative juices going. And you’ll probably easily come up with another 100 yoga niches. 🙂

How to Find MY Yoga Niche

This guide is the perfect starting point to everything business niche. It’s free. So, get on getting it. 😉

perfect yoga niche for your yoga business

Parting Words About Finding Your Niche

You’re not married to a niche. The niche I started teaching yoga in, isn’t what I do now. You’re not ever stuck. Your expertise can evolve. Just go with it and enjoy the journey.

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Drop a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on yoga niches. I’d love to hear about your niche, too! What is your little corner of the yoga world?

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