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Is an Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat Worth the Investment?

Is an eco-friendly yoga mat worth the price tag?

Does eco-friendly mean better for you or the environment? Or is an eco-friendly label just hype?

Keep reading here and I’ll let you in on 5 reasons why investing in an eco-friendly yoga mat is worth it.

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Why Buy an Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

A truly eco-friendly yoga mat is good for the environment. At least arguably so. Traditionally, most yoga mats contain some pretty unpleasant things, like PVC which is a big environmental no-no.

Reasons to Choose an Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Here are reasons to invest in an eco-friendly yoga mat.

1. Ditch the Guilt. Eco-friendly yoga mats are better for the environment and for your health. That’s because they are intentionally made with lower-impact chemicals, recycled or sustainably sourced materials.

2. Durability. Eco-Friendly mat are usually made out of higher quality materials. This means they often last longer and will tolerate much more regular use. So, while you might pay more upfront for a quality, eco-friendly mat, in the long-term you might end up saving money.

3. Better Grip. Many yogis think higher quality, eco-friendly mats have better grip. This comes in handy during a sweaty yoga session, like hot yoga.

4. Forward-Thinking. Eco-friendly yoga mat manufacturers who seek to produce and market yoga mats with the environment in mind might be worth getting behind, particularly if you are generally concerned about environmentalism. Plus, IMO, I think it feels better to invest in companies and products that actually seem to look ahead and care about manufacturing impact.

5. Practice Incentive. Spending a chunk of money on a quality, earth-friendly yoga mat certainly adds a little incentive or spark to consistent yoga practice. The last thing you want is to see your high-end, sustainable mat gathering dusk in your workout space.

My Favorite Yoga Mat Picks

I’ve compiled a list of yoga mat picks over here in My Favorite Little Yoga Things. However, I’ll tell you right here, right now about two of my favorites. I think these are real winners in the sustainable yoga mat category.

1. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat.

I just love this mat. One of my tried and true all time favorites. As far as earth-friendly, this mat is crafted in Germany. It’s made from PVC that is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. It’s also made in a sustainable, emissions-free facility.

2. Jade Harmony Mat.

Jade Yoga Mats are keepers. Made in the United States. They are sustainable, andthe company even gives back to the planet by planting trees with every mat sold. They offer great grip. Also, they come in several colors.

Share Your Thoughts. What is your favorite eco-friendly yoga mat? Do you practice with a Manduka Mat? A Jade Mat? Are eco-friendly mats worth the up-front investment? Share your opinions below.

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