how to become a midlife yoga teacher and influencer

How to Become a Mid-Life Yoga Teacher, Influencer

Do you dream about becoming a mid-life yoga teacher? Wonder if it’s too late to become a yoga teacher?

Then you’ve landed exactly where you need to be. 😉

In this blog post, you’ll learn whether you can reinvent yourself as a yoga teacher at any age. Or become a powerful social media influencer or yoga blogger.

Ready? Let’s go.

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Become a Mid-Life Yoga Teacher, Influencer, or Yoga Blogger

You’re in luck.

Mid-life is the perfect time in life to reinvent yourself as a midlife yoga teacher, influencer, or blogger. Truth be told, you’re never too old to follow your dreams, especially when your dreams involve yoga.

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Why Start a New Life or Career as a Yoga Teacher

There are many reasons people become yoga teachers. And in mid-life, sometimes people have even more reasons to teach or launch a yoga business, like going back to work after raising a family.

Some popular reasons to launch a new yoga career include:

  • Desire to get in shape or take control of health
  • Discovery of a love for yoga
  • Opportunity to pursue meaningful life path
  • To help others find alignment, purpose, yoga lifestyle
  • Realization of what’s important in life
  • FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
  • Career reinvention
  • Social media / influencer status or fame
  • Reward, personal or financial satisfaction

Where to Start

Where to start your yoga reinvention depends on where you’re at right now. Do you currently practice yoga? Do you already have a yoga teacher training certificate?

Start Practicing Yoga

If you don’t now practice yoga, start!

If you already have a yoga practice, that’s awesome!

Is your practice consistent? If not, strive for consistent practice, however you define that. If you already have a physical asana practice, consider adding other yogic practices to your routine. For example, pranayama or meditation work.

Start Reading and Growing Your Yoga Library

If you’re serious about becoming a yoga teacher, don’t wait until you have a yoga teacher certificate in hand to immerse yourself in yoga. Start building your personal yoga library with helpful and inspiring yoga books.

Bookmark favorite yoga blogs, follow inspirational yogis on social media, and read yoga journals and articles.

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Yoga Teacher Certification

You’ll want to get your teacher training certification at some point.

If you already have your yoga teacher certificate, great. You might consider investing in yourself and taking an additional training or refresher. Alternatively, consider taking an advanced training, or studying a new area of yoga, like yoga philosophy.

If you don’t yet have a certification, research yoga training courses and look for a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) that’s Yoga Alliance approved. That’s the gold standard when it comes to recognized courses.

Start Your Yoga Teaching Business

Once you have recognized training and certification, you might consider starting your own yoga teaching business or finding a job as a yoga teacher.

Of course, you’ll want to consider things like getting yoga teacher’s insurance before you start working with students or clients.

You may also want to consider creating your own specialized yoga niche and starting a blog. You can learn more about why you might want a niche and how it might set you apart from competition in Discover an Ideal Yoga Niche.

Growing Your Business

There’s more to being a yoga teacher than having the skills to teach asana practice. To grow and succeed in your yoga career, you’ll likely want to learn how to build your online presence, particularly for marketing your yoga classes.

After all, if you want to grow a wildly successful yoga biz and make a sustainable income, you’ll want to look for business and marketing guidance. And this means you’ll need tools and resources.

You can find yoga business tools, tips, hacks, and resources right here on this blog. Check out the Yoga Biz Blog.

how to achieve your yoga business dream
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Become a Yoga Influencer

You can become a yoga influencer at any age. To grow your yoga business, you might think about establishing a website. Your website might include a yoga blog. You may also consider growing your social media presence on a single or multiple platforms, such as Instagram or TikTok.

You’ll have to figure out what social platforms work best for you, your business goals, and your lifestyle. And, of course, figure out how much time you have to commit to social media marketing and growing your online presence.

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If becoming a yoga influencer is your goal at any age, you have to consistently put in time and effort. There are rarely shortcuts to wild business success. It takes persevering and not quitting, even when you’re tired and want to quit.

However, if you are determined and maintain a growth mindset, you can achieve your yoga teacher goals at any age.

Start Now and Build Your Social Media Profiles

If you want to become a yoga teacher or influencer, you can actually take a start toward your journey RIGHT NOW. Seriously. The first thing you can do, which will help you feel like you’re going places, if you know you want to become a yoga teacher, is to launch your social media presence on your favorite social media platforms.

What I mean by this specifically is to establish yourself online. Even if you are not yet enrolled in a yoga teacher training program, you can start building your social media now and getting yoga followers by showcasing your yoga journey.

Think yogi in the making. Or something like from couch to yoga teacher. People LOVE to follow other people’s journeys in self-improvement and career development. So get visible now on social media and launch your yoga accounts.

Oh, definitely don’t overlook establishing yourself as a yoga teacher or yogi-in-training on LinkedIn. Here’s a guide to creating your yoga profile on LinkedIn.

Also, if you’re totally nervous about privacy or showing your face, definitely check out my Instagram. You’ll see that I NEVER show faces, and yet, I have a thriving social media presence and growing yoga community, which I truly love and appreciate, every single day.

Good luck!

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Drop a comment below. Share your thoughts. Do you think mid-life is the perfect time to start a yoga career? Are you a mid-life yogi?

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  1. I’m so happy I found this post. Yoga has been my passion for many years and I literally just finished my 200 hr. YTT. I’m about to register with Yoga Alliance abs I was really wondering where to start. Thank you so much for such great information!

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