can anyone become a yoga teacher

Can Anyone Become a Yoga Teacher?

Can anyone become a yoga teacher or register for a yoga teacher training?

Maybe you’ve been doing yoga on YouTube for awhile now. Or perhaps you’ve been hitting the yoga studio regularly. And now, you’re wondering how do you become a yoga teacher?

Or more curiously, how good do you have to be at yoga to become a teacher?

Well, hang out here for a few to get the scoop.

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Can Anyone Become a Yoga Teacher or Sign-Up for a Teacher Training?

The short answer is yes.

In theory, anyone can become a yoga teacher. And anyone can sign-up for a yoga teacher training (YTT).

However, some yoga teacher programs have specific requirements. For example, some experienced yoga teachers require applicants to have a consistent or daily practice for two years or more. Yet, other programs have no such requirements, beyond a desire to deepen one’s own knowledge and experience of yoga.

Of course, there’s also the matter of cost. Yoga teacher trainings aren’t cheap. Shhh… you should know that there are ways to become a yoga teacher when you have no money. I wrote about this in How to Become a Yoga Teacher When You Have No Money.

Sure, thanks to online training programs, many YTT programs are now more affordable than ever. Keep in mind, some online yoga certification critics argue that you get what you pay for and having a piece of paper that says you’re a yoga teacher doesn’t necessarily mean you know everything you need to know to teach–or to teach well. Traditionally, a yoga teacher training course that is Yoga Alliance approved is the gold standard.

Nevertheless, if you want to get certified as a yoga teacher, you really need to take some sort of training. And that’s means you’re going to have to pay for a training course.

How Good Do You Have to Be at Yoga to Teach?

Well, this really depends.

In general, it’s not usually “how good” you are at yoga asana (physical practice), but a question of how interested and committed are you to diving deeper into yoga study. Some training programs only require genuine interest in studying yoga to join a teacher training certification program. Usually, programs allow anyone to sign up and become a yoga teacher if they express interest to do so.

So, if you’re wondering if you could sign up to attend a yoga teacher certification offering as somewhat of a yoga newb or novice, the answer is probably a yes.

Just look into the specific requirements of the program you are interested in to see if you qualify.

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If you take yTT, do you have to become a teacher?

No, you definitely don’t have to become a yoga teacher if you take a training. Many yogis take intensive yoga teacher trainings for their own personal education and interest.

Don’t be surprised, however, if you sign up for a class with no plans to teach and by course end discover that you are ready to quit your day job and become a full-time yoga instructor. 😉

Why Become a Yoga Teacher?

There’s certainly no one reason people choose to become yoga teachers. However, there are many reasons why students are often drawn to becoming a yoga teacher.

Some reasons why you might want to become a teacher or take a YTT are to:

  • Fall in love with yoga more. That is, to deepen your understanding, knowledge, and personal yogic relationship.
  • Connect better with yourself.
  • Become a fitness or wellness teacher.
  • Re-tool or reinvent yourself (think, career transition).
  • Get stronger or fitter.
  • Find a deeper purpose in life, particularly with respect to work.
  • Align your life in a way that offers more meaning.
  • Educate yourself in yoga, yoga philosophy, yoga asana, or even Sanskrit.

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After Completing a Training Program

After you have a teaching certification in hand, you’ll want tools and resources if you decide to launch a business as a teacher or take a job as an instructor. You can find resources on the Yoga Biz Blog for yoga teachers, yogapreneurs, and entrepreneurs right here on this site. So, be sure to bookmark this page!

For example, you can get a copy of my Free Find Your Yoga Niche Guide, which can help you market your yoga business, attract, and find students to fill your classes fast!

Other Important Resources on Your Yoga Instructor Journey:

On your journey to becoming a yoga instructor, also consider the value of becoming CPR/AED certified. This isn’t typically a requirement for teacher training or certification, but most health or fitness professionals in other industries are required to have training–and for good reason. You can learn more about why you might want to become CPR certified in my Why Yoga Teachers Need CPR Training article.

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Leave a comment below. Why do you want to become a teacher? What motivates you? Or, why did you choose to become one?

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  1. I loved that you mentioned that yoga will allow you to connect better with yourself. I’m hoping to learn to become a yoga teacher because I love doing my own practices. It’d be good to find an online teacher certification program.

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