seriously incredible reasons to start a yoga blog

6+ Seriously Incredible Reasons to Start a Yoga Blog

If you’re into yoga or are a yoga teacher, you need a blog! Stay here for a bit and discover SIX+ seriously incredible reasons to start a yoga blog.

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Even if you’re already on all of the popular social media sites, like Instagram, you still need a blog.

If you’re asking, Huh? Come again? Then let me explain.

There are soooo many reasons you need to have a blog and a space on the Internet to call your own, especially if you have a yoga business. And, if you’re not yet a yoga teacher, but have plans to become one someday, you still need a blog right now.

Here’s are Key reasons Why You Need a Blog:

1. You Have Little to No Control of Your Accounts of Social Media

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, how good your page looks, or how active you are on your social media page. Social media platforms are ultimately in charge of your account. The companies themselves could go out of business. They could change their business model. Or suspend your account. Ban you. Change the rules. You could get hacked. Or you could lose access.

And guess what? You’re pretty much SoL.

For the most part, you’re powerless.

You don’t own your followers on social media. You rarely, if ever, have access to your followers’ personal info, like email. So, this means if your account closes or you lose access, you have nothing to show for your numbers.

This is actually a big reason, I highly recommend that you take time to build a subscriber email marketing list. The list you build is a mega asset and is yours to keep.

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2. Income

Having a blog for your yoga business website allow you to diversify income streams and earn passive income. Having multiple streams of revenue can help yoga teachers go from surviving in a sometimes tough, saturated market, to thriving.

Blogs offer outstanding opportunities for earning passive income. In case you’re wondering, passive income is income earned from work in which a person is not actively involved.

Compare for example, teaching live yoga classes at a studio. That’s a form of active income. As a yoga teacher, you have to actually show up for work and work a designed shift to make money.

Passive income, on the other hand, is income that could flow into your bank account while you sleep. While you may have once worked quite actively to build that passive stream of income (e.g., building an online course), it later is considered passive income because it doesn’t require much effort to earn or maintain earnings.

As a blogger, you can learn how to seek out affiliate income opportunities and diversify your income.

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6 seriously incredible reasons to blog

3. Website Traffic

Another seriously awesome reason to start a yoga blog is to boost website traffic. When you have a blog on your website or linked to your website, you can drive traffic to your website through your blog.

Why do you want traffic? Traffic gets you, your brand, your content, your offers (like classes, services, or products) noticed. Traffic can also earn you money through advertising revenue.

High quality blog content gets ranked higher by search engines, such as Google. Plus, blog content that is well optimized (SEO) boosts visibility of blog posts. So, if your posts show up in popular yoga search results, you’re website is more likely to be found or discovered.

And that’s a really good thing for business growth.

4. Brand Awareness

Expanding on the previous benefit of having a blog, brand awareness is another reason to launch a blog.

A blog can get you noticed by students and prospective clients. A blog can help you stand out in your particular yoga niche. It can also set you apart from other yoga teachers or yoga businesses as a leading authority or industry expert.

5. Fresh Social Media Content

If you love social media platforms, like Instagram or Pinterest, and enjoy content creation, building your own blog is a great source of fresh content for your social channels.

You can repurpose blog posts and make engaging social media content, like reels and carousels. It can also work the other way around. You can use content you’ve created for social media, such as Instagram Lives conversations, and turn those experiences into awesome blog content!

6. Affordable Marketing

A blog is affordable marketing at its best. You could crank out a blog post and it could go viral, gathering thousands of eyes on your content for zero to minimal cost.

In general, blogs have low start up costs, and that makes them a highly attractive marketing method to grow your business. If you have an email marketing list, and invite your audience to subscribe to it (or incentivize sign ups), that is also an affordable blog marketing tool that can drive conversions.

7. Networking

Having a blog is a fantastic opportunity to build and grow your professional network. It is also a cool way to grow your personal network or circle. Over my blogging career, I have developed lasting, personal friendships with other bloggers.

Benefits of a Yoga Blog

It’s hard to go wrong with having a yoga blog. Sure, a blog takes time to build and grow. Plus, there’s a learning curve involved in producing quality, search engine optimized content that will get noticed. However, the benefits of a yoga blog are too many to miss out on.

A blog for yoga teachers or student readers can also add free educational value that attracts and retains clients. For example, a teacher can expand on in-class or studio conversations, such as yoga philosophy, or post explanations of poses on the blog that can add value to the overall yoga student experience.

How to Start a Yoga Blog

Starting a yoga blog is easier than you might think. And more affordable than you might imagine.

In general, there are two options to start a blog: Free Hosting or Paid Hosting. If you are serious about growing your business and having a blog, I can’t overemphasize the value in paying for your own site hosting.

Bluehost allows efficient web hosting for your yoga website. It is a super popular option among bloggers, as the web hosting offers easy WordPress integration (a website/blog builder). The first year of Bluehost web hosting costs $2.95/month.

Plus, when you sign up for Bluehost, you get a free website domain for the first year (think your very own “www”), access to a drag and drop website builder, 300+ design templates, and customer service support to help you on your blog installation, should you need it. In theory, and if all goes seamlessly, Bluehost offers 1-click WordPress Blog Install. But if you hit any snags, they offer 24/7 tech support.

Ultimately, Bluehost has a solid reputation for web hosting of WordPress built blogs. In my experience, WordPress is an incredible and powerful blog platform, which creates blogs that looks slick and professional. I have used WordPress as a blogging platform for 15+ years.

As a little FYI, Bluehost was “picked as 2021 PC Magazine Editors’ Choice for Web Hosting.”

Check out Bluehost for yourself and get your very own yoga blog up and running FAST!

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