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Yoga Teacher Tech Gear List: What You Need for Your Online Business Start-Up

The Yoga Teacher Tech Gear List.

Wondering what technology or tech gear do you need to start an online, home-based yoga business?

Quite honestly, some yoga teachers have launched successful yoga businesses with an Internet connection and a smartphone.

However, having all the right technology can make starting a business much easier and less stressful. Accordingly, this list is for you if you want to create a sustainable yoga business quickly with easy to use technology.

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The Best Technology for an At-Home Yoga Business Start-Up

Are you ready to build your yoga business gear list? First off, this list is designed to give you an awesome technology gear suite. In no way must you buy or own all of these pieces of equipment to run a successful yoga business.

Think of it this way. If you want to teach yoga, do you need to have high-end yoga blocks, bolsters, or yoga straps. Definitely not! However, if you’re teaching a yoga class and want to demo a modification, having a yoga block handy could make it a lot easier–and help you and your students find success faster.

The same goes for technology.

Technology You Can Take Anywhere

What’s also cool about this list is that it features technology you can take anywhere.

Ultimately, with this gear list, you can run your yoga business from virtually anywhere. Hello, digital nomad life!

The Tech Gear List for Yoga Teachers + Yogapreneurs

1. Laptop.

I couldn’t live without my laptop, and I’m sure many of you feel the same way. However, sometimes there’s this idea in business that you need to have the latest most advanced laptop to run a business. It’s simply not true.

You can always upgrade components, like your memory and hard drive, instead of buying a new computer. Plus, you can save a ton of money this way, especially if you are initially bootstrapping a yoga business.

For years, I blogged and worked on relatively inexpensive laptops. I used to joke and tell people that $300 USD was my max limit. Just in case I accidentally destroyed or lost a laptop while living a travel, digital nomad life, a low-cost laptop made sense.

Sure, if you want to get a bit fancier or upgrade, you could always buy an Apple MacBook Air, a sweet Lenovo Yoga 16s Thinkpad or a Lenova Yoga Slim 7 Pro 16.

Without a doubt, a computer is an essential on the yoga teacher tech gear list.

Alternatives to Buying a New Laptop:

  • Upgrade the Memory and/or Hard drive in your existing computer
  • Buy an external storage device, like a USB thumb drive or an external hard drive, like a 2TB External Drive, to hold your video files and photos.

2. iPhone or Other Smartphone.

Another tech gadget I couldn’t live without is my iPhone. Having a good quality phone with a high-quality camera is crucial in my mind. A good camera phone makes taking yoga photos and yoga videos much easier. And, of course, better photos and content on social media tend to get more audience engagement, like on Instagram.

Alternatives to Buying a New Phone:

  • Look for a factory warranted or certified refurbished or renewed smartphone. For example, you can sometimes save hundreds of dollars by opting to buy an unlocked, renewed iPhone vs. a brand new one (or getting one through a cell phone contract).

3. Desktop Microphone.

I’m a Blue Yeti fan. Yep. I own two different models. You can read why I think the Blue Yeti Nano is a great pick for yoga teachers here.

For travel purposes, I prefer the Blue Yeti Nano over the Blue Yeti Pro because it is smaller and more portable. It’s great for recording, including for creating yoga podcasts or yoga course videos, where you want top-notch sound quality.

You can also use this microphone on the yoga mat. Maybe you’ve seen some yoga teachers use it this way. Some keep it in view. Others hide it from view, just past the camera.

If you’re planning to travel with your microphone, I highly recommend getting a basic storage and carrying hardshell case.

4. A Wireless Microphone System.

If you’re planning to record yoga classes on the mat, I highly recommend you invest in a wireless microphone system.

Of course, you could get away with a Blue Yeti, but a wireless system gives you a lot more flexibility. It can also ensure reliable sound quality when you’re tucked into certain yoga poses (asanas), like talking to your students from child’s pose.

I’m a fan of the Rode Microphones Wireless Go II system. You can read more about that and the specifics of why this system is so great for yoga teachers in my popular wireless microphone set-ups feature.

READ MORE: The Most Popular Wireless Microphone Set-Ups for Yoga Teachers

5. Web Camera.

If you’re doing anything video related, whether Zoom yoga meetings or yoga workshops, or live yoga classes, you’ll want to ensure you have a high-quality webcam.

Popular picks: A high-tech Logitech Pro Webcam or Logitech Brio. Depending on your budget, there are tons of options online for finding a top-quality webcam. As always with tech gear, be sure to read the reviews before buying.

Your Turn: What piece of tech gear is instrumental to your yoga business? What technology equipment do you think is necessary for running a yoga business? What else should be on a yoga teacher tech gear list? Anything I missed for technology for an in home yoga business?

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