how pinterest marketing can grow your yoga business

How You Can Use Pinterest To Grow Your Yoga Business

Pinterest is the new place to be if you want to increase brand awareness and grow your yoga business. Sure, I get it if you’re sighing right about now.

What? Another social platform to figure out?

Another online space on which I need to build a yoga presence?

The short answer is YES. You’re going to want to figure out Pinterest, develop a pin strategy, and use this effective visual search engine.

But the good news is that if you shift your mindset, you might just come to understand why Pinterest is the place to be for small businesses, like your yoga biz.

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Why Pinterest for Business?

Pinterest Marketing is an important part of growing a wildly successful yoga business in 2022.

Pinterest is not just a pretty-pictures platform. It is a powerful visual search engine that combines features commonly used on popular social media, such as an inbox for messaging and idea pins and videos.

Users, that’s YOU, “Pin” inspiring images, blog posts, articles, how-tos, recipes, self-help advice, inspirational quotes–really anything–to virtual bulletin boards. Users can create their own bulletin boards and organize them by topic. They can then save or “pin” their posts onto their boards.

Why Pin?

Pinning works! It’s an awesome marketing tool.

Plus, once you get the hang of it, it’s sort of fun to use. And it’s awesome for finding yoga and lifestyle inspiration!

One reason pinning content is effective is that as users scroll through pins, they can save content that interests them by pinning pins to boards. They can later come back and spend time checking out saved pins.

For example, if a yoga student was browsing Pinterest and stumbled upon my What to Do After Your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Pin, but didn’t have time to read it in the moment, they could save it or “Pin” it to one of their Pinterest boards. A yogi thinking about a yoga career, who later sees my same pin on the student’s board, might then “repin” my pin.

The effect of pinning and re-pinning is the sharing and (hopefully) re-sharing of your content. It’s sort of, kind of, an amazing marketing tool for small businesses, especially for new yoga teaching businesses, with limited marketing budgets who need to develop brand awareness.

But Pinterest is not just for budget marketing or entrepreneurs bootstrapping a start-up. Pinterest is used by some of the biggest bloggers and influencers out there to promote their content, goods, products, and services.

Boost Your Pageviews

When your pins are viewed or saved and pinners click through on your pins, they will be redirected to your website or blog (or another site you’ve chosen). Accordingly, Pinterest is a fantastic tool for increasing your pageviews. It’s a social media site that actually sends people directly to your website or blog.

If you are diversifying your streams of yoga income, such as monetizing your yoga blog with ads, getting pageviews is a big deal. More pageviews typically means more money coming into your bank account, thanks to the magic of ad networks.

Get More Eyes on Your Website or Blog

Getting more pageviews and eyes on your yoga website or yoga blog is a huge freakin’ business deal! This is because the more traffic sent your way, thanks to Pinterest, means people (hopefully) notice your yoga classes, products, and services that you are offer.

Plus, you build brand awareness. And you want everyone to know about YOU and What you DO!


If you don’t have a website or a blog for your yoga business. You really need one. As in, you needed one YESTERDAY! 😉

But don’t sweat it. To help you get on the task of setting up a blog, you can find out all the deets about starting a blog in my How to Start a Yoga Blog.

Get a Pinterest Account

If you don’t have a website or blog, get that set up first, okay? That’s a key ingredient in your yoga biz success. Get the step-by-step blog guide here.

If you have a website or blog already, then move on to getting a Pinterest account. It’s free. Be sure to create a business account. With a business account you get access to some cool features, like detailed analytics and easy advertising, should you later choose to advertise on Pinterest.

Check Out My Pins on Pinterest

I have some super awesome and cute Pins on Pinterest. Go check them out! And let’s connect over there, so be sure to follow me.

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