How Meta’s Threads Can Help You Grow a Yoga Business

If you’re a yoga teacher trying to start, launch, or grow a yoga business or yoga startup, opening up yet another social media account might be the last thing on your mind. However, Meta’s Twitter rival, Threads, might just be for you.

Threads might just help you grow your yoga business. It might help you get closer to the wild yoga business success story you are trying to create for yourself.

Threads was released on July 5th. In the first few hours of its launch, it already had millions of signups.

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Why Yoga Teachers Should Signup for Meta’s Threads

Honestly, as a yoga teacher, the founder of The Yoga Startup, and entrepreneur who wears several other hats, I really don’t have time to be active on another social media platform.

Twitter seems okay for me as is, although I did jump on the Mastodon thing when that Twitter alternative first launched. However, when I heard about Meta’s Threads, I did take the leap. I opened a profile. It was easy and quick because I already have an Instagram account for my business.

The Benefits of Meta’s Threads for Yoga Teachers

So, even if you’re pressed for time as a yoga teacher, here are several reasons why you might benefit from Meta’s Threads.

  • Easy of creating a Threads Profile, especially if you are already on Instagram
  • Slick design + slick feed
  • Similar to Twitter, so learning curve isn’t out of control
  • Arguably less cluttered than Twitter
  • Another opportunity to increase reach as a yoga teacher
  • Brand visibility: capture new interest in your yoga services and attract new ideal clients
  • Build a yoga community
  • Increase your yoga teacher credibility within the yoga industry
  • Microblogging is still popular and a great tool for marketing your yoga biz
  • Another tool to help yoga teachers grow a yoga business into a successful career
  • Allows more opportunities for content creation, repurposing, or sharing content.

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The Disadvantages of Threads for Yoga Teachers

Until I spend more time on Threads, besides the time factor, the only other disadvantage I can tell you is what I’ve read so far. It’s that if you want to permanently delete your Threads profile, you can’t — unless you also want to delete your IG account. Not. Going. To. Do. That.

Apparently though, you can deactivate the account without deleting your Instagram.


  • Time Suck Factor
  • Another Social Media Space That Requires Energy, Time, Commitment to Update and Maintain
  • Can’t delete your Threads Profile without deleting your Instagram Account (although apparently you can deactivate the account temporarily)

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