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The mission here is simple. To help yoga teachers grow a wildly successful yoga business. That’s why you’ll find tips, resources, hacks + creative ideas to help you grow, market your yoga business + turn your love of yoga into a rewarding and sustainable career.

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Create your Dream Life

Live the yoga lifestyle + enjoy a rewarding career as a yoga teacher. Discover how to build and grow a wildly successful yoga business.

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become a Yoga Teacher

Learn how to become a yoga teacher.

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Reinvent Yourself Mid-Life Yoga Teacher

It’s never too late to become a yoga teacher. Are you ready?

Are you Ready for an Adventure of a Lifetime?

Building your yoga business as a yogapreneur will teach you so much about yourself, while allowing you to give to others. If you’re serious about growing a wildly successful yoga business and need helping starting out on your journey, dive into these resources.

Mentorship + Courses + Community

Work with Jules with 1:1 business mentorship + Join the Yoga Business Incubator, where you’ll enjoy group biz growth check-ins.

1:1 Yoga Business Mentorship

Learn more about 1:1 business coaching + mentorship to help you grow your biz.

Launch your Yoga Website

Learn how to build your own DIY yoga website and blog to build your brand.

Join the Yoga Biz Incubator

A recent launch + test pilot. Join our private community.

About me

Hi, I’m Jules, Founder of Naked Earth Yoga

I help you strip down the business of yoga, so you have more time to focus on what you love to do: teaching yoga. Discover the nuts + bolts of online marketing, including how to build a yoga website, create a yoga blog, grow your social media platform, build your online presence + more.

What You’ll Learn

Learn what it means to be a yoga entrepreneur + how to build business leadership skills and confidence.

Learn what you need to know for online business marketing. Position your yoga business so it gets noticed by students.

Learn what you need to do to create a sustainable, scalable business model + generate an income that fits your lifestyle.